Allergens Removal from Home

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Remove Allergens from the Home

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Mold spores or pollen from trees, grasses and weeds can leave you just as miserable as catching a cold. You cannot cure your allergic reactions as you would a cold, but with medication and the right tactics you can survive the changing seasons nearly symptom-free.  Integrity Air Quality Solutions will provide you with extensive services to keep your workplace and home area a safe environment. Besides you can employ the following tips to reduce your exposure to airborne allergens.

Close the windows

When pollen season hits, you need to keep the allergens out of your home. Keep your windows closed during daytime when the pollen counts are higher. Air conditioning can help filter out some of the irritants as you keep cool. Besides, you can opt to crack windows open especially on rainy seasons, which clean allergens and pollutants out of the air.

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Invest in an air purifying device. It will remove allergens as well as other indoor pollutants, making it easier to breathe. It is recommended to keep one in your bedroom at night to prevent symptoms upon waking. You could also purchase a second one for your living area or just move your bedroom unit during the day.

Cover your face

If you are having a particularly bad reaction and you can’t stop sneezing, wear a face mask rated for filtering contaminants in the air. You can also spend a few minutes breathing through a wet paper towel or dish cloth.

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Suck it up

Vacuum your floors, furniture and curtains. While you’re at it, wipe down dusty surfaces, since dust is an allergen itself. Cleaning house will keep the allergen countdown. During cleaning dust and pollen may be stirred up, so cover your face if you become symptomatic.

Wash it off

Take a shower. Airborne allergens stick to your skin and hair. When you can’t bathe fully, washing your face will provide temporary relief. Wash up before bed and when coming in from the outdoors.

Do the laundry

Allergens will also permeate clothes in addition to skin and hair. You can do your laundry using either hot or warm water where possible. Also, you can do your cleaning indoors so as to keep yourself free from allergens. Change outfits after spending time outside to minimize your exposure.

Change your bedding

Wash your sheets and pillowcases frequently to remove allergens. Use the hottest water setting you can to remove pollen, spores and dust mites. At the very least change your pillowcases in the laundry loads so as to lower allergen buildup.

Go to the car wash

Some regions have enough pollen such that you can visualize a colored, dust coating on vehicles. Washing your automobile once per week or more will keep your symptoms under control especially when on the road. Go an extra mile to vacuum the interior to reduce the allergens on your clothes.

As it turns out, there are many little ways for you to reign in your seasonal allergies. Basically, you need to keep everything around you clean. Your reward will be less of the irritating particles for you to breathe.